The Staggeringly Good Brewery.

There’s been a bit of a buzz recently surrounding an up and coming establishment on Rodney Road. I know it’s a bit odd to have “buzz” and “Rodney Road” in the same sentence but hear me out. If you have been following various social media accounts you might of seen sneak peeks of building work, or the odd shot of slightly prehistoric interior decorating. This is because the boys behind the much loved Staggeringly Good beers have been working tirelessly to bring you what we have all been waiting for: their very own Staggeringly Good Brewery!

Situated on Rodney Road (opposite Big Yellow Storage) and nestled amongst a row of industrial units, the new SG brewery will be sure to cater to all of your beer related needs: experience days and tours, bar tap and tasting area, local events and a shop. The brewery will be opening its doors for a trade night on the 18th April and a two part official launch on the 22nd and 23rd of April. Personally this is something I’ve been waiting a long time for; whilst our pub industry faces tough times, having another working brewery open in the heart of the island is something to be celebrated. I was fortunate enough to have a pre-launch nose about and without wanting to give too much away; you are all in for a dino-themed sensorial treat. Here are a couple of shots whilst we eagerly await opening night.


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