Jam & Bowler.

I don’t often go to breakfast places, not that they aren’t all very well and good, its more that I never have much of an appetite in the morning; I guess I like to save myself for lunch. But when Southsea is sunny on a Sunday morning, an early riser such as myself likes to mix things up. Exciting so far huh? As such we decided a trip to Southsea’s newest shabby chic breakfast joint (and they are many these days) was in order. With my mind on eggs benedict / florentine we set off.

Jam & Bowler pretty much ticks most boxes of next gen Southsea eateries: hanging industrial lights, local art on the wall, mismatched reclaimed seating and drinking water from plumbed in table side taps. OK so in the end we went for their Huevos Rancheros rather than the eggs benedict, and whilst it was tasty I’m not sure the £7 price tag was 100% worth it, especially for the portion size. Perhaps I had images of american sizes in mind? So alongside two juices, a pot of Portsmouth Tea (Earl Grey shockingly not available) breakfast came to £21. A nice treat on a sunny Sunday morning but perhaps not really sustainable on a regular basis. Will be back however even just to try the eggs. Give them a follow on Twitter here.


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