French Fish Soup.

Growing up in France one of my favourite soup dishes was the ubiquitous fish soup. This brown mix of pretty much anything that can be caught and boiled up always felt like the real deal. I can imagine the fishermen chucking everything caught that day into a pot, including crab and prawn shells, boiling for half a day, strained and eaten with croutons and the truly wonderful rouille; french for rust. This happens when the saffron (left over from the jambalaya) mixes with the garlic mayo. Pure joy.


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One Response to French Fish Soup.

  1. Mother says:

    Once upon a long time ago from the suburbs of Paris, we went to one of the Normandie ports, and having sniffed out a fish market we purchased fish soup from a cauldron, it was measured into a Perrier bottle as a take away. Did it taste good? I can’t remember. That hot Perrier bottle I will never forget.

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