The Staggeringly Good Summer Party 2016.

Each time I write about this brewery I find it really hard to not sound like a complete fan boy. But the truth is, I am. I’m not saying that we didn’t have a great local ale scene before (RIP Oakleaf, still devastated about the news), but Staggeringly Good have thus far hammered every nail on the head. From the bedrock of decent beers to on point branding, local collabs, a kick ass brewery with its’s own bar / shop and now events that feature freshly made food and live music. Its been such a great addition to the scene and I think I quite like the fact that it isn’t on my Albert Road doorstep; makes it more of a destination for people who truly want to be there. Below are a couple of snap from their latest party, with awesome stone baked pizzas, live music, friends and good times. We all felt suitably rotten the next day.


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2 Responses to The Staggeringly Good Summer Party 2016.

  1. Aye,it was a great evening. And I did feel rotten the next day, ha!!!

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