Festival Recovery At The Courtyard.

A wonderful opportunity to sit down with out of country friends and compare notes (and babies). The Courtyard is an eatery embedded in Southsea Castle, with prices perhaps slightly on the steep size but with the quality (and historical surroundings) to back it up. The pattie in my burger was nicely homemade and packed real flavour. Although this place deserves a second visit in order to full see what is what food wise. A blissfully chilled afternoon after what was an alcohol fuelled couple of days of debauchery.


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One Response to Festival Recovery At The Courtyard.

  1. Dave C says:

    A hidden gem buried deep within those thick walls … you almost have to know it’s there in the first place and that it’s not just a cafe. Having just tried The Courtyard for an evening dinner I thought I’d let you have my tuppence worth (whilst not hijacking your blog with an in depth review!). Suffice to say that whilst the prices are indeed a bit on the high side the overall value was excellent … the first class food, friendly and relaxed service and the sheer charm and history of the setting made for a thoroughly pleasant evening. My personal favourite ? The lamb rump with aubergine and potato moussaka … Out of deference to the castle’s founder, Henry VIII, I didn’t order any French wine … d’accord.

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