Southern Fried Chicken.

I love a bargain. If i’m food shopping and see discounted meat, i’ll normally snap it, put it in the freezer and promptly forget about it. Until H starts complaining about the lack of freezer space and forces me to do something with it. That was this weekend. Roughly eight chicken legs and thighs to be dealt with. Normally I would marinate something like this but on this occasion I was feeling a little bit American and opted for the good old fashion southern fried option.

Chicken thighs and legs
6 Eggs
Vegetable oil
Whatever seasoning you have in the cupboard

Soak the chicken in a the milk and onions for at least 4 hours or overnight. This really goes a long way to make the chicken as soft as possible. In the meanwhile create your flour mix, in mine went salt, pepper, garlic powder, hot paprika, smoked paprika and coriander powder. Mix thoroughly by hand. Next up is the egg wash. Crack 6 eggs in a bowl and then add any kind of spicy sauce you may kicking around, the more the merrier. Whisk until mixed.

Drain the chicken from the milk and begin the following process: coat liberally in flour, then dunk in the egg wash, followed by a second liberal coating of flour. Carry this out on all pieces of chicken. Once completed, find a suitably large vessel and heat up the vegetable oil. Give the oil time enough to heat properly, what you don’t want is for the chicken to just soggily boil in under-heated oil. You can check on this by adding a small doughey piece of flour from the chicken and keeping an eye on it. Fry all chicken until golden brown, leave to cool down on kitchen roll, crack open a beer and enjoy.


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  1. Mother says:

    The black pot!

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