Lakaz Maman, Southampton.

Now its not often I stray into enemy territory, however I do have friends there and let’s face it, Southampton has got some decent joints these days (Brewdog, when are you coming here???). This occasion was for a long overdue visit to dear friends of ours, and all I knew was that he had us a table at somewhere called “Lakaz Maman“. Being the obsessive I am, I quickly got my phone out and to my complete delight found out it was a Mauritian restaurant. Now I’ve never been to Mauritius, but I do have friends who are form there, and I am aware of what melting pot of an island it is; Africans, Indians, Chinese and everything in-between, sharing this small island near Madagascar. With that comes some serious fusion cuisine bursting with flavour and colour.

This is exactly what Lakaz Mammon drums up. Each dish we ordered was simply outstanding; you could tell that everything is made from fresh, right down to the sweet and spicy home-made sauces that adorn each tables. I’m actually find it kind of hard to find words to pin down what kind of style this Indian / Creole / Asiatic meal was, but perhaps that is the beauty of Mauritian food? It clearly takes the best out of so many styles of cooking and adds it’s own twist. The meal we experienced was quite easily the best I have had in a long while, and with Lakaz Maman being BYOB, washing it down with a couple of inexpensive yet flavourful Punk IPAs made from a great combo in the mouth and on the wallet.

To book a table here you do have to stump up a £20 deposit, however it is 100% worth it.

Lakaz Maman, I salute you.


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2 Responses to Lakaz Maman, Southampton.

  1. Like you – I have friends in Portsmouth and make the effort to go into enemy territory. At some stage though we are all going to be linked up with the Isle of Wight to become a big Port Solent – so while there is a storm the thieves are friends, as it were! Any way I live in Southampton and have never heard about this restaurant. Thanks to your wonderful review I have now booked a table to impress my daughter who is trendy. Thanks again – An old Scummer.

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