Umami Street Food, Elm Grove.

Umami Street Food is the latest addition to Elm Grove’s often struggling eating scene. Having spent the better part of a year in work, an opening date didn’t always seem guaranteed. But lo and behold, Umami is here and is promising both “street food” and being able to experience “the 5th taste”. Mysterious and different! So on one whimsical evening we decided to give it a go; I thought at worst it could just be a very polished kebab house, or at best a genuinely exciting establishment offering Southsea something completely new?

Unfortunately it was more the former, Umami has pretty much nothing to do with the Japanese concept of Umami or street food. What we have is a contemporary fast food eatery, serving your piri chicken, your burgers, your wraps and your shakes now that traditional kebabs and crap pizza are going out of fashion. Street food? In that case where is my Mexican ceviche at?

Having said all this, their Umami burger was very passable, it’s pretty decent value for money and there were some interesting looking Lebanese options on the menu. It’s just that it is simply not “street food”. Unless you eat your burger on the pavement.

Oh Umami, you are kinda fun but confuse me on so many levels!


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