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Southern Fried Chicken.

I love a bargain. If i’m food shopping and see discounted meat, i’ll normally snap it, put it in the freezer and promptly forget about it. Until H starts complaining about the lack of freezer space and forces me to do something with it. That was this weekend. Roughly eight chicken legs and thighs to be dealt with. Normally I would marinate something like this but on this occasion I was feeling a little bit American and opted for the good old fashion southern fried option.

Chicken thighs and legs
6 Eggs
Vegetable oil
Whatever seasoning you have in the cupboard

Soak the chicken in a the milk and onions for at least 4 hours or overnight. This really goes a long way to make the chicken as soft as possible. In the meanwhile create your flour mix, in mine went salt, pepper, garlic powder, hot paprika, smoked paprika and coriander powder. Mix thoroughly by hand. Next up is the egg wash. Crack 6 eggs in a bowl and then add any kind of spicy sauce you may kicking around, the more the merrier. Whisk until mixed.

Drain the chicken from the milk and begin the following process: coat liberally in flour, then dunk in the egg wash, followed by a second liberal coating of flour. Carry this out on all pieces of chicken. Once completed, find a suitably large vessel and heat up the vegetable oil. Give the oil time enough to heat properly, what you don’t want is for the chicken to just soggily boil in under-heated oil. You can check on this by adding a small doughey piece of flour from the chicken and keeping an eye on it. Fry all chicken until golden brown, leave to cool down on kitchen roll, crack open a beer and enjoy.


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Bembridge Harbour.

With Autumn pretty much here, one has to make the most out of the last days of summer. It doesn’t get much more pleasant than making your way to Bembridge harbour for a top notch dressed crab. Summer you have been great, however, Autumn I am ready for you.


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Goodwood Revival 2016.

OK so here is something a bit new. Normally the preserve of my vintage orientated sister, this year a free ticket to Revival at Goodwood magically floated my way. So with a neckerchief on and my camera charged we set off. Man was I impressed; the scale of it, the attention to detail, the racing history, the on-point organisation, the million dollar cars throwing themselves around the race track. And the Wall Of Death. My god that event blew my little mind. It also made me wonder if I need both a motorbike licence and some more selvedge denim. Being fortunate enough to check out an event like this was a real eye opener for me, I had no idea what an international and unique event we have on our doorstep. A great day out from start to finish, much appreciated Patrick, thank you.


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Potato Rosti, Gammon & Duck Egg.

It’s not everyday I’m given duck eggs as a present. Time to imitate what I used to love eating at the King Street Tavern.


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Festival Recovery At The Courtyard.

A wonderful opportunity to sit down with out of country friends and compare notes (and babies). The Courtyard is an eatery embedded in Southsea Castle, with prices perhaps slightly on the steep size but with the quality (and historical surroundings) to back it up. The pattie in my burger was nicely homemade and packed real flavour. Although this place deserves a second visit in order to full see what is what food wise. A blissfully chilled afternoon after what was an alcohol fuelled couple of days of debauchery.


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Victorious Festival 2016.

Another year and another Victorious Festival done. What is easily now Portsmouth and Southsea’s biggest event in the calendar, Victorious has grown from a small DIY event in the dockyard to a fully-fledged and internationally recognised festival. Year upon year the festival is tweaked and improved, especially with the inclusion of the World Music area (nestled nicely amongst the palm trees on the mini golf course) which really gave it an authentic festival vibe; complete with genuinely interesting food and good vibes. As the festival grows, so does the calibre of the line-up; I’ll be super honest and say that very little of the bands that play truly excite me, however I saw Noel Gallagher play on the Common in my home town. How can you sniff at that? The ticket prices are still amazingly good value for money and there is simply nothing better than a festival you can walk home from. I’m already looking forward to seeing who they announce for next year. Long may it live.


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